Posted by: shineonali | January 11, 2012

All Gone!

Here is my first Slice of Life story for 2012.

It was Christmas morning. I couldn’t wait to find out how Harper would react this year. I crept down to the basement to listen outside the door of the bedroom where my almost-two-year-old niece was sleeping.  I heard her chatting with her stuffed animals, so, smiling to myself, I slowly opened the door.  Harper’s eyes widened in surprise.  Who’s there?  I spoke in a reassuring voice. “Harper, you’re awake! Want to come upstairs and see everybody?”

My brother, Chris, met us at the top of the stairs. “Hey, Harper, let’s see if Santa ate his snack.”

We checked it out…the glass was empty except for a few drops of milk, there was just a stub of a carrot, and a few cookie crumbs were scattered on the plate. “All gone!” Harper exclaimed in wonder. She kept looking at the plate, then at us. I’m still not sure if she really understood what was going on…but she was clearly intrigued!


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