Posted by: shineonali | January 11, 2011

Waking up from a Nap

I crept down to the basement to listen outside the door of the bedroom where my one-year-old niece Harper was sleeping.  This was her dad’s old room–and probably the quietest, darkest place in the house.

I heard babbling, so I slowly opened the door, wondering how long she’d been awake.  Harper was sitting in the playpen, chatting with one of her stuffed toys.  Her eyes widened in surprise when she saw me.  Who are you? they seemed to say.  I spoke in a reassuring voice…after all, she hadn’t seen me for 5 months until yesterday.

“Harper, you’re awake!  Great, now we can play!  Want to come upstairs and see everybody?”  She laughed and started opening and closing her hands, the way she does when she’s excited.  I couldn’t help laughing too, as I delightedly scooped her into my arms.



  1. I loved the slice of life Ms.McAloon! I could imagine how cute Harper is!!! great story!

  2. Sweet! I also like the idea of this on-line notebook. As a teacher, though, I’m sometimes not sure howpersonal my posts should be.

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