Posted by: shineonali | March 22, 2010

A New Perspective on Downward Dog

On Thursday I tried a new yoga class–Yin Yang.  The Yin part was described as

Relaxing, rejuvenating and restorative movements…slowly paced meditative practice.

Instead of facing the mirrors at the front of the room with another wall of mirrors to our left, the mats were facing a side wall, so that we had mirrors to our left and behind us.  Facing us was a large black and white framed photograph of an elderly yoga master.  I could smell incense lingering in the air.  We proceeded to spend what seemed like most of the first half of the class going in and out of a posture called downward-facing dog.  In this posture, your hands and feet are on the floor, arms and legs straight, butt hips sticking up in the air.  An upside-down letter V.  Being in the last row of students, wearing shorts, with the mirror at the back of the room, I had an excellent view of my pasty pale white legs from this position.  I tried to listen to the teacher’s voice as she guided us in our breathing, in focusing us on the continuous work of the posture…

Hmm.  My right leg looks crooked.  Not bent, crooked.  It seems to zig out to the side below the knee.  Let me try to straighten it.  Nope.  Still crooked.  Has it always looked like this?  How come I’ve never realized?  Maybe you can only tell from the back.  I wonder if anyone has ever noticed? Should I be worried about this? Maybe I should go to the doctor and get it checked out… Now we’re doing some standing poses.  I wonder if my leg still looks crooked from the back.  Will the teacher notice if I try to peek?  Oops.  Can’t stand on one leg very well if I turn to look behind me.  I’ll check again if we go back into downward dog.

Not exactly the kind of meditation they had in mind.  This probably wasn’t their intention in turning us away from the mirrors.



  1. I think that you did well on this post. I liked the way you put your toughts in, you tucked them in without going off topic. You used the cross out option to make it look maybe like you’ve went back and looked and crossed out and added instead of taking away.
    My wish for this story is maybe explain a little more when you say crooked. Because I don’t know how crooked it is.

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