Posted by: shineonali | February 4, 2010

Not Another Injured Bird Story…

(I was where I was because of the weather.  Sort of ties in with the theme–loosely!

It was a typical sweltering Sunday in Bangkok.  I woke up late, so I chose not to deal with the traffic on the roads and instead went up to my building’s roof-top gym.  The treadmill faces a glass wall overlooking the gorgeous deck and pool, with the buildings of Bangkok in the distance.  There’s hardly ever anyone else up there.

I’d been running about 20 minutes when


A tiny sparrow had flown–hard–into the huge window, right in front of my eyes!  It lay quivering on its side on the deck.  I continued running, watching.  Please get up and fly. After a minute or two, it hadn’t moved.  I slowed down to a walk on the treadmill.  Please get up and fly. I stopped and walked out to where the bird lay, panting.  I crouched down, feeling a little ridiculous as I talked to the tiny bird.  “Are you okay?  Is your wing broken?  Don’t be afraid.”  I was remembering what Pia had done with the little bird in Spain (my students know the story), not wanting to have to try it.  I reached towards him a couple of times, but was afraid to touch the fragile, frightened sparrow with my enormous, clumsy fingers.

One of the housekeepers came by and saw my dilemma.  She sat back on her heels and gently picked up the bird, all the while speaking softly in Thai.  She then proceeded to cup the little guy entirely in her hands, and blew into them.  Just the way you might on a winter morning in Canada if you forgot your gloves.  I’d never seen anything like it!  She did it a few times, and he did seem to perk up a little.  Unfortunately, he still wasn’t flying by the time I had to leave.  But he seemed to be in good, caring hands at least.


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