Posted by: shineonali | January 12, 2010

The Elephant

December 27th.  Finally, I was going to see my friend Cathy, after more than TWO YEARS.  As Rhoda and I rang the doorbell, the door swung open–Cathy was all ready to go to lunch.  Her children, Kalin, 7, and Kirsten, 5, were working on a puzzle with their dad.  Cathy began to usher us out the door.  We were on a tight timeline…but wait, we had presents!  So we quickly handed out the gifts Rho and I had brought.

My gift to Kirsten was a small, silk-covered, lilac-coloured elephant from Thailand.  I had brought one for each of my cousins’ younger chlidren, as well as some of my friends’ kids.  Most I had just passed to thier parents to put under the Christmas tree.  Obviously, these little elephants would pale in comparison to the fabulous, extravagant stuff left by Santa.  They were just a small token of friendship.  No big deal.  Or so I thought…

As I watched Kirsten pry of the wrapping with her chubby, little girl fingers, I wondered if she’d be at all interested.  I mean, kids tend to get really spoiled at Christmas.  This elephant could be the hundredth present she’d opened in the past few days!

I nearly jumped out of my skin as Kirsten shrieked.  “Mommy, look!” she squealed delightedly.  She literally jumped up and down for joy.  As she passed the elephant to her mother to look at, she even clapped her hands.  “Thank you, thank you!” she cried.  “I’ve always wanted an elephant!”

Wow.  Cathy, Rhoda, and I were cracking up.  What a reaction!


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